Entry #18

Happy 2010!

2010-01-04 03:37:15 by Rockr-X

Lots of people commented that FFHGX10 is too short, well, TRY TO MAKE YOUR OWN RPG GAME!!!.
Anyways I will take that request.
FFHGX 11 will be (maybe) longer than previous one. Will be Hard cause make RPG is Hella HARD!.
So expect FFHGX on February or March.

Also I will make a new serie but now Its a Mario one... yes A MARIO ONE! xD, Inspired on many games like Paper Mario's, New Super Mario Bros', and Super Mario Galaxy and those games.
Im not sure If will be a RPG cause will be HARD to make it, but I will include interactive parts.
The name?... I dont know, I dont have even the backgrounds and stuff.
What about, New Super Mario World? sounds funny lol.

What do you think about?, This sucks? I suck? Wanna helpme with the name? Wanna help me with backgrounds, music and that stuff? plz tell me =)


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2010-01-09 16:44:12

Hi Rockr-X!

(Updated ) Rockr-X responds:

Hi dude !! 6 days after hahaha FAIL xD


2010-03-14 23:39:00

mela o__o pense que ya no hacias mas flashes man.... xDDD tengo que ver ese RPG : P


2010-04-17 15:47:09

When is out Final Fantasy Heroes GX 11?

Rockr-X responds:

I dont know.... maybe never D:


2010-04-20 03:06:05

This thing is never going to come out at this rate.


2010-05-07 17:45:06

why never?


2012-01-08 14:48:11

Do you work on FFHGX 11?


2013-10-18 15:23:27

Are you finish FFHGX 11? passed 3 years ago